Our services

We provide to our clients a full set of consultancy and expertise in real estates including:

  • Providing individual consultations
  • Assisting as the intermediary between ‘seller’ and ‘buyer’
  • Arranging tailor made discovery and property viewing tours
  • We offer bespoke property sourcing or sales mandate with or without exclusivity clause
  • Arbitrage strategy for Investors and Developers: assistance with purchase and sale decisions.
  • Close collaboration with specialized in-house lawyers in the sale process to structure Sales & Leaseback strategy or to face insolvency.
  • We perform project management in collaboration with our established relationships with leading Banks, Architects, Planners, Builders and Suppliers to ensure your development is built on time and within your budget.
  • Our partnership programme with leading banks and financial institutions is a guarantee of competitive financing terms.
  • To hoteliers we offer marketing, positioning, business process management and implementation of international expansion strategy - notably through franchises and licenses.
  • Market studies, asset management and search for management team for hotels, resorts, amusement and wellness facilities and restaurants.