Our approach

Realm Consult strength lies in our capacity to understand and present the appropriate products meeting the needs of our clients. We offer bespoke property sourcing by establishing your ideal investment location and budget for your home or development. Presence in main Bulgarian cities and European capitals gives us direct access to local information and considerably reduces execution time.


Our position in the real estate market is made possible by our extensive portfolio of properties and our in-depth knowledge of the market, products available and the trust from our clients whether sellers or buyers. Our services are orientated to individuals, small and mid cap companies. A team of professionals would be happy to assist you in the purchase, rent and sale of your residential and leisure apartments, villas, hotels, amusement and wellness facilities or offices.


By circulating the opportunities to a restricted and selected of investors, we protect the interests of both parties in the transaction. This approach is made possible by our turnkey solutions in which we coordinate our services with the ones of our partners in valuation, audit, financing, architecture and design. This gives our clients an opportunity to get comprehensive information about the market and selected properties and avoiding unnecessary trips.


Finally, we guarantee straight-forward advices tailored to meet clients' needs, in the most effortless and efficient path while expanding your business, selling or purchasing your home. Our team is renowned for taking decisive action in order to deliver cost effective and efficient solutions to our clients. At the end, but not at least we strictly implement and enforce confidentiality policy.